2022 Featured Cover Articles

December 2022 Featured Articles
Buddha's Triangle by Michelle Blair
Many people have self imposed stress during the holiday season with finances and time restrictions. Consequently, energetically on our planet we also have timeline condensing/ time variations with worldwide events that cause stress in the morphogenic field, (Group energetic field). Every day I meet people that are empathic and can feel the world-wide stress as well as their own stress causing many to feel helpless and despondent.
Recently a colleague, (Katie Fisher) that lives in Hawaii reminded me of acupressure points that may assist with stress called Buddha?s Triangle.
Grounding Your Energy by Allison Dodrill
As you open yourself up to your intuition you may find that receiving messages and information can make you feel - unstable. You can go from feeling empowered one minute, feeling high on excitement when you realize that you really can do this, to feeling tired, exhausted, confused, and crazy.
That?s why, as you open yourself up to your intuition and all the different psychic channels that are opening around you, it?s important to find ways to ground yourself.
Psychic energy is all about changing your energetic vibration to receive other channels.
Insights into Psychic Development by Badeish Lange
On a personal note, The Language of the Soul has many endless expressions and definitions. It is my hope you might experience something new or, something said in a different way here which will capture added attention for the subject of ?The Science of the Mind? and personal development of your intuitive talents.
Our sensory system located in the solar plexus region naturally reads a coded spiritual language, a language transmitted by many colors, sounds, and images; a light field of electrical and magnetic energies; all this exists in the quantum field of inter-dimensional space.
Five Ways to Love Your Family (Not only at the holidays but every day) by Julie Matheson
For years as a young adult I would leave family visits wishing for a better overall experience and connection. For many of us there?s a natural urge to evolve and improve, but what if your family isn?t built that way? Personal growth and evolution aren?t everyone?s thing. Differences in commitment to one?s inner growth can make the gulf between you and your family feel even bigger.
Family members can push our buttons and trigger our core wounds....
November 2022 Featured Articles
Keeping My Promise by Christine Haggerty
15 years ago, I was diagnosed with a debilitating disease that changed the direction of my life. I was bedridden for two years and needed help eating, using the bathroom, getting dressed, sitting up in bed, and even moving my head from side to side and up & down.
After several surgeries and years of rehabilitation including re-learning how to walk, read, and feed myself, I was blessed to receive the ability to understand and help others who suffer. This is a Divine gift and I give all credit to God. I am a conduit.
The Blessing of Energy Healing by Charles Lightwalker
Energy healing has been around our world for over five thousand years. The earliest teachings were brought forth to people in ancient Greece, with the introduction of Chi-ergy. The next teaching was the laying on of the hands by Buddha and then again, a couple of centuries later by Jesus and his disciples. And now again energy healing and teachings is coming into public awareness by healing modalities as Reiki, Spiritual Healing as practiced in the UK, Therapeutic Touch, Shamanic Healing, and the Touching the Light healing as taught by Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey. Energy healers of all kinds now work in health clinics and hospitals everywhere.
Hip Pain, Back Pain, Sciatica Pain? Pooping in the Pelvis is the Cause by David DeHaas
The average person packs an extra 12-15 Lbs. of old rotting fecal matter in their colon. This is bad for many reasons. That rotting mess has to go somewhere and if it?s not straight out then it will saturate the tissues of the colon wall.
As more poop build up occurs in the colon, less blood flows to the hip. When the poop is not exiting on a regular basis your body just keeps pushing it into the tissue. This causes the blood to get ....
You've Got To Be Kidding Me! This Issue Again?! by Julie Matheson
I hear these lines all the time in my counseling work and I?ve said them myself: Why do I still have this problem? I?m so tired of this! What is it going to take to fully heal this issue?
Healing* happens, from the perspective of how I teach it, when we write out a clear goal of what we wish to experience, and then map out and understand a system of energy in the form of beliefs, thoughts, feelings, sabotage patterns, traumas and coping strategies, which are working against this goal; and then consciously remove that system of energy of false beliefs all at once through conscious intention.
October 2022 Featured Articles
Asking for Help by Susan Fullmer
Why is it so frickin hard to ask for help? And why does it seem the more I actually need help, the harder it is to ask? After years of therapy, healing, and introspection, I could tell you my list of Whys. I won?t bore you with that list of why I find it difficult to ask for help. I?m sure those of you who resonate with this challenge have similar lists of your own. Let?s assume for this article, that we are all consciously on the path of healing our old emotional wounds that hold us back from healthy living. We have awareness of our blocks and we are well on our way to releasing them. All systems go! Yet, for some of us....
Why look to Energy Healing for chronic, autoimmune, or terminal diseases? by Victoria Savage
Down to our very smallest particles, we are nothing but little atoms full of ions and protons and neutrons all vibrating around one another?We are pure Energy down to our very core.
Every disease or dysfunction begins at the energetic level?without fail.
So how much sense does it make to treat these things from only the endpoint rather than the beginning?
Emotions are energy, thoughts are energy, and beliefs are energy.
How One Man Changed the Direction of His Life by Christine Haggerty
Pranic Energy Healing and Spiritual Counseling can help you to change the direction of your life. It can clear the way so you can live your true life. When you change the direction of your life, you stop trying to please everyone. You stop putting yourself last. You stop cutting yourself short. You stop feeling under-valued. You stop being angry all the time. You stop allowing past hurts to disrupt your daily life. You learn to let go. Letting go is so powerful and life changing. The key to living your true life is to let go and to forgive; forgiveness of others and forgiveness of yourself. 
5 Powerful Things I?ve Learned from Being A Life Coach by Sydney Sage
1. At the end of the day, we all have the SAME problems + desires; truly. More money, fulfilling + loving relationships, wanting a better career, wanting a different mindset, desires to achieve certain goals, communication, boundaries, dreams, etc. They are just so unique and different because each of us lives such a unique life but the overall themes, I have noticed, are so similar.
2. The Universe just wants to be heard, seen, and witnessed. Since we are all little pieces of the universe experiencing itself, just the sheer power of pure presence and active listening helps us work through SO much stuff. Just having a soundboard to hear us talk helps us, and....
September 2022 Featured Articles
Are you a Chameleon too? by Victoria Savage
For most of my life I was the best Chameleon ever. I could be whatever anyone wanted or needed me to be. What I wanted was rarely a consideration.
I did this because I needed, well actually, I required the opinion of others in order to be okay with me and to know who I was. What I felt or thought wasn?t valid because I?d spent years building a distrust of myself. I only considered the opinions of others. If there was criticism, I anguished over it and re-examined what I?d done and how I would be better next time. I?ve discovered that many of us do. What they think is far more important than what I think.
Keeping Positive Energy around you by Sassy Sorceress
Many people know about smudging, but there are other ways to keep the space around you positive and most importantly protect you against negative energy. First, let?s discuss why it?s important to have positive energy around you. Clearing the air of negative energy allows you to be centered and mindful. In other words, it helps you to be in the present and ?let go? of the negativity that might be binding you. Below are some simple practices to leave the negative behind and embrace the positive.
Smudging. This is probably the most common practice of clearing negative energy in your home, around your body and objects.
Solar Activity Affecting the Human Body by Michelle Blair
Some people may be aware that we are in a solar cycle causing multiple solar flares/ Storms. Often I refer to Spaceweatherlive.com to find out the status on strength, quality and direction of a solar flare. Many solar flares affect our computers and phones causing more stress at home and in the work place. The reason they affect our electronics is the flares affect the satellites orbiting the Earth. There are holes in our Earth atmosphere and when we have solar flares there can be intense heat reaching the Earth surface. The Flares will also affect Schuman?s Resonance frequency for the Earth. During a flare the Schuman?s resonance can spike causing....
You Will Never Find Heaven on Earth with a Toxic Body by David DeHaas
A client arrived the other day suffering from the usual, Brain Fog, Joint pain, Frequent urination at night, cravings of carbohydrates, chronic fatigue, and on and on.
As we went thru the list of symptoms she then made a statement. ?I am actually pretty healthy for my age?!!!!! What??? You have a myriad of symptoms that prevent you from being able to think clearly, sleep well, go hiking, play with your kids and you say you are pretty healthy for your age????
I guess if you compare yourself to everyone else in your age that might seem true. But are you really?  
August 2022 Featured Articles
The Journey of You by Janell Billings
Every once in a while, we are called to step out of our daily lives to look around and discover where we have lost balance. To take a moment and celebrate all that we?ve accomplished, to gather new skills, heal old wounds, and to find inspiration for our future.
So many of us feel the burden of our daily ?to do? list, the responsibilities of families, careers as well as the things we feel called to do. How do you find balance in all of it? Is it even possible?
The answer is YES, it IS possible! But where do we start?
The Road to Clarity by Susan Fullmer
We are living in an unprecedented time in human history. This is a paradigm shift. As the energy of the earth and the human race rises and transforms, it is both an exhilarating time and a time of great upheaval. Why are we here and what are we about? These concepts can no longer be set on the back burner for another day. We can ride this great, gathering wave of change and let it take us to where our souls long to be. Or we are crushed by it. The day-to-day ups and downs, the relationship dances in which we twirl, and the inner longings and hopeful inklings we experience are all simply...
Past/Parallel Life Experience Session - ?Did I make up everything?? by Valentina Vlasova
Often after the session, people wonder, ?Did I make up everything? Could it be just my imagination??
The question is completely logical. We have five brain frequencies: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. These frequencies change many times throughout the day. Beta?state of alertness, logic, and critical thinking. Alpha?deep relaxation, daydream, light meditation, music listening, TV watching. Theta?deep meditation and light sleep. Delta, the slowest, - dreamless sleep. Gamma is the fastest one. Past-life information becomes....
Five Essential Skills for Transformation by Julie Matheson
Just as I am saying goodbye from an introductory call with a prospective new client, they will often ask how best to prepare for our first session together. The skills that follow are necessary whether you are prepping for a first session with a new practitioner or wish to be more aware and in control of your thoughts, feelings and resulting behaviors.
First, the work I offer is meant for those who want to change negative thought patterns in a deep and lasting way. We do this by addressing one pattern at a time, in its entirety, all the way down to your root beliefs, regarding..
July 2022 Featured Articles
You can tell when someone embraces life and wants to be here. They are a joy to be around. They have a natural ambition toward activities that interest them. They are grateful for opportunities to grow. They don?t take their life for granted. They aren?t afraid to experiment with life. There is a skip in their step.
Likewise, you can tell when someone loves their job and approaches their career with pride and commitment. There is a willingness to dig in and get to work. They have a bigger sense of service in mind. They don?t sweat the small stuff. They aren?t easily offended. They love what they do and are happy to do it.
What is Spiritual Growth? by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis
More people are having their spiritual awakening than ever before. Yet with all this enthusiasm, many do not have a clear picture what the spiritual path actually looks like and what the steps are to reach their soul?s potential. Exploring the process of soul evolution is a monumental task as many aspects of metaphysics need to be woven together to tell the story.
There is so much more to who and what you are than you may realize. While you have a physical body, that is not the real you. You are an immortal soul inhabiting a physical body. Your soul is on a glorious pilgrimage...
Sun in Cancer - The Foundation by Jeffrey Brian, Astrologer
This month the Sun is in Cancer shining light on what is important to the structure of our lives. You may have Cancer as ruling any one of the 12 houses that make up your individual astrology chart, yet the qualities of what Cancer represents will always hold true for that specific area of your life.
In astrology, we have reached the 4th month in the zodiacal calendar representing the sign, Cancer. Four is the number of foundation and so Cancer archetypally represents the 4th house of our home and family. If our home isn?t in order, we find the foundation of our lives a bit askew. Cancers are often represented as having....
Brain Fog - Is It All In Your Head? by David DeHaas
That hazing feeling you feel in your brain, causing you to not function like you want. In today?s world it?s become the norm. Forgetting the little things, like where your car keys are, asking yourself why you walked into a room. Work is difficult. You miss deadlines and getting out orders correctly, you forgot to call that client back.
Some of you may not notice what has happened to your memory. Memory issues can creep up slowing without you grasping how bad it is. Ask those around you. They may be embarrassed to point out how bad your memory is.
Several things have contributed to your brain fog over the years.
June 2022 Featured Articles
One Simple Act by Christine Haggerty
We?ve all seen our fair share of anger, road-rage, and all out rude behaviors in recent years. Living in a time of a global pandemic where millions are dying, Russia is in a full fledge war in the Ukraine, and the polarization of political propaganda running loose like wild-fire, it?s no wonder we are seeing the uglier side of our human nature. Our anger and impatience are getting the better of us. I often see it on the freeway, people chasing each other in their car, going well beyond the speed limit, because someone cut in front of them. On our highways and streets, I?ve witnessed....
Mastering The Mirrors by Geri Habstritt
Your life is your mirror. What do you see? The mastery question in every experience should be ?what in me invited this to be?? Good, bad, it matters not the label or judgment. If it is in your matrix it?s because you invited it in. We are all co-creators in this collective experience creating with the content of our energy fields. This includes thoughts, beliefs, focus, environment, unresolved lineage and unhealed emotions. Many are challenged with this and won?t fully wake up to their mastery because of the level of responsibility it takes to own this and move through it. It is much easier to blame.
Unconscious Habitual Resistance (Getting Out of Our Own Way) by Badeish Lange
It?s amazing how often we can get in our own way without even being aware we?re doing so. Even though we truly want to succeed, there are many reasons why we may unintentionally block our own efforts.
It is often unconscious for one?s ?habitual resistance? to become an emotional polarization. All action follows thought automatically and, if the thoughts are polarized, no positive action is possible.
The challenge has always been to listen to the still voice from within, which gives an expanded view of our reality. It will give meaning to what is working or a calling from the Soul level.  
PMS, PCOS, and unpleasant period symptoms can all be healed by Sydney Sage
We often think that horrible periods and PMS are a life-long condition that there?s nothing we can do about. We?re told and taught that PCOS is an incurable condition with no real cause. That cramps are only gone with pain pills. That moodiness around our period is inescapable.
But thank god for some modern goddesses, truth-seekers, and rebels who went out and forged the way beyond this restricted way of thinking and cracked the code on the key to true women?s health.
May 2022 Featured Articles
Reiki and Chiropractic Care  by Charles Lightwalker
As a Reiki Master since 2001, I have used Reiki in many healing situations over the years. My greatest experience in using Reiki came when I had the opportunity to do a research project with local chiropractor Dr. Pat Dougherty. Our chief aim was to document the affects Reiki had on patients, in conjunction with their chiropractic care.
Dr. Dougherty and I selected three patients as test subjects. All the subjects presented with physical complaints, and all were familiar with both Reiki and chiropractic treatments. Each patient underwent a series of three...
Living By the Moon Simplified: by Sydney Sage
There is a lot of information out there about living by the moon. It can be confusing. Did you know that the New Moon is usually confused with the Dark Moon? The Dark Moon is actually the day that we see NO moonlight in the sky. The New Moon is actually the first day we see even the smallest sliver of moon in the sky.
We can live by the moon by planning our social life, marketing, manifestation, gardening, haircare, and more.
There are only 5 moon phases that you need to know:
The Dark Moon is the one day there is no moonlight in the sky....
The Drama of the Inner-Child by Badeish Lange
This article is addressing the therapeutic approach to emotional damage caused by early injuries to the child-within. The term ?Child- Within? does not originate with me but is taken from a word used in Transactional Analysis.
The Swiss psychotherapist J.K. Stettbacher and author of ?Four Step Method of Therapy? says that we are all prisoners of our childhood, whether we know it, suspect it, deny it, or have never heard about the possibility.
He was able to develop a remarkably effective therapy method because, unlike thousands of his successors, he never allowed himself to be deterred by the truth about childhood abuse and neglect and their consequences.
Creating Moments for Soulful Discernment by Julie Matheson
We?ve come a long way in our thinking as a culture when it comes to seeking out mental health support. However, I still get teased sometimes in every day conversations when someone might be reluctant to open up to me for fear of feeling analyzed, or more specifically, for fear of feeling judged. They might assume that, because I?m a therapist, every conversation is basically an opportunity for me to evaluate their thinking as either good or bad, healthy or unhealthy.
Softly spoken, that?s not the goal of any conversation I ever have, whether in a therapeutic session or otherwise....
April 2022 Featured Articles
We are the Light of the World by Christine Haggerty
That?s a pretty powerful statement: we are the light of the world. That statement carries a great deal of responsibility. We often think that only the higher beings are the light of the world, but we forget that this light lives inside each one of us. This powerful light has been given to us and we must learn how to harness it in a way that serves all of humanity. This powerful and all-loving light is a beacon of hope in our despairing world. This light gives wisdom, love, understanding, and inner peace. One way to learn how to harness this inner light is by practicing the meditation of Twin Hearts.  
Introduction to Cyclical Living by Sydney Sage
Cyclical Living is living in tune with your body?s phases, the five moon phases, ongoing solar + lunar astrology, as well as the four seasons. Cyclical Living organizes, streamlines, and simplifies your life while getting you tapped into the ever-present energies that constantly affect you and others around you.
For women, this lifestyle will heal all PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, and period symptoms, as their cycle is 28 days long and they have a big hormonal change 4 times per month which affects all other body systems and affects their mood, energy levels, and intuitive abilities.
If you asked, it is what you think it is! by Kerry Leonard
I love when clients share the new things they are experiencing! At first we often consider signs from the spirit world creepy but if you stop brushing it off as coincidence and get over the ?spooky? image society has given it, it?s fun!
The following way to grow is one of my favorite life hacks. Ask yourself in any situation ?Can I safely exchange fear for curiosity??. If you?re ready to try, ask your Guides, Angels and Ancestors for signs and open your mind. Here are two fun experiences I?ve had in addition to the common coins and feathers, songs and flowers.
My biggest sign? It was when I was starting out....
Universe Speaks! What is Touching the Light? by Marie Austin
Hello I would like to introduce myself and my modalities to you. I practice Touching the Light, and Metamorphosis. I have returned to my home state of Idaho from NV. Absolutely healing to be back home. I have found this is the missing piece in my life and I am truly grateful to be living and enjoying the people of Idaho once again. I am a Touching the Light Practitioner trained under Meg Blackburn Losey, PhD.
So, what is Touching the Light? Touching the Light addresses all nature of being and of living, past, present and future.
March 2022 Featured Articles
Remembering we are energetic beings at our very core, it makes sense that before we have much form to our humanness, that time we spend in the womb, we are reaching out energetically and reading, feeling and sensing all the energies that surround us.
If our mothers did not want to be pregnant, that is a primal wound to our spirits as we step into human form and one that will be the foundation throughout our entire life.
This is why it matters:....
The Language of Color -- Part 1 by Badeish Lange
Many theories have been researched and tested on the subject of how to use color for healing purposes, personality identification, clothing apparel and our environment. How colors effect our mind and body is an ongoing subject of scientific investigation.
Color has a spectrum of electromagnetic light, which triggers receptors in the human brain. Our brain receives the Color Codes and introduces a natural way to focus on our relationship with the intuitive, the physical body and spirituality.
Healing Miracles - A Case Study on the 10 Day Healing Retreat by David DeHaas
It was 2 Pm Sunday afternoon the day before we start our 10 day healing retreat. I had a premonition about a client who had wanted to do our 10 day Cleanse and Healing retreat in December but her schedule at the time would not allow it. I was nudged by a premonition to give her a call. When she answered she was crying, I asked ?What?s going on??
She replied, ?I am in the emergency room. I have a bleeding bladder oozing pus and I am in a lot of pain.?
How Are YOU Feeling? (A 21 Day Challenge) by Julie Matheson
When I was barely an adult, I attended a 6-week intensive co-dependency* program that met every week-night for 3 hours. At the time I was a student at Ohio State and had a great job in a doctor?s office. I had goals and I was working hard. Life was mostly good. However, I had just left a rocky relationship and wanted to make sure to never repeat the roller coaster ride I had experienced. This small-group co-dependency program was exactly what I needed.
(*In this context I?m defining co-dependency as being overly focused on someone else?s behavior, more than your own.)
Eve, our lead counselor, would start the meeting. We would do a check-in, going around the circle opening with one or two honest feeling words....
February 2022 Featured Articles 
Secret to Soul Mates by Geri Habstritt
Many are seeking a soul mate or beloved, but the secret is that nothing can be found on the outside until it?s first realized on the inside. Until the healing of any betrayal, anger or hurt has taken place and the heart has opened enough, the only relationship that can be manifested is a mirror of the unresolved emotions. This is what we get in life, a series of mirrors constantly reflecting where we are along our healing journey. When enough of the healing work is complete, meaning the heart has opened, then a beloved can arise. This happens for many as a kundalini awakening. This is the rise of the masculine/feminine, shiva/shakti energies....
Depression is it really YOURS? by Charles Lightwalker
Ann, 35, call me a few months ago and said that she had been terribly depressed for a long time (since her early 20?s). She had seen a few doctors, and one of them gave her antidepressants but the side effects made her sick to her stomach. She also saw a psychiatrist who gave her psychotropic antidepressants, but they also made her sick. She then saw a clinical psychologist who helped her manage her depression, by using behavioral modification therapy, but it did not get rid of the depression. Ann remained unhappy, with no solution to her depression, a friend suggested she contact me. I told her what I tell all my clients....
Tapping into Possibility, on Any Topic by Julie Matheson
Whether we realize it or not we are always playing with possibility. Every thought we think has the potential to lead to something new, exciting and different. Where you focus your thoughts matters. And, what you believe is possible for you matters even more.
It takes some mental flexibility to dream outside the parameters of the known. It takes ingenuity. Most new ideas are a gift that come from something larger than us. We have to receive it, and say yes to it to let it manifest.
What are you thinking right now? Is it something you want to have happen?
One question can change the course of your life by Kerry Leonard
I was deep in my dark night of the soul. Often a spiritual depression of this magnitude is about waking up to the falsehoods you?ve been brainwashed with from birth. At some point you must choose, you could stay where you are at pretending to be happy while actually being miserable forever but there is a catch, your eyes are now open and as they say, ?You can?t unlearn.? Or you can do as I did. I embraced the Tower card of my life and prayed I would rise like a Phoenix after. Oddly enough my life didn?t go up in flames, it crumbled in sections. First there was my divorce, then I left my career of twenty-four years. There I was with no plan other than ?Don?t look back? and somehow find the strength to create a new life.
January 2022 Featured Articles
Keys To A Healthy Immune System by Geri Habstritt
A healthy, happy immune system is a collaboration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. All 4 areas need to be honored in order for you to be fully vital.
Much of the immune system lies in the stomach. If you have digestive issues, chances are your immune system is compromised. Some things you can do is cut out meat, dairy, sugar and processed food. These are all hard to digest and tax the digestive system. Eat fruits, vegetables, plant based proteins and drink LOTS of water. Take probiotics and eat plenty of fermented foods such as....
Having a Solid Goal ? It?s Everything! by Julie Matheson
The way we end is the way we begin. Whether it?s a Monday morning and you are planning your week, or it?s the New Year and you?re thinking about how you want your entire year to go, or it?s the start of a work session and you want to get a lot done in the next hour? beginning with the end in mind will set your sails in the right direction.
So much about beginning with the end in mind is about having a clear picture in your mind, a mental equivalent, of what you really want. That?s the hardest part. Yet it?s the most important aspect of....
Channeled by Shawna L. Frances for HedraNews, December 17, 2021
Good day dear ones. We are the Galactic Federation of Light taking advantage of this opportunity to reach you directly via this channel, Shawna L. Frances. Welcome to knowing yourselves in a whole new way. We reach out to you beyond the veil of forgetfulness into the pure, deep knowing of who and what you are.
What we are about to explain may stretch you far beyond where your mind has been in the past. We understand this, and we do not take this lightly. For this is the dawning of a new age. And with this new age comes a responsibility and a willingness to see beyond what you?ve known.
Here is the Fire Scrying/Candle viewing Exercise by Charles Lightwalker
Fire scrying allows us to strengthen the will by learning to direct our energy in one place, and to sustain it for an extended length of time. The longer we hold our gaze upon something, and focus our devotion upon it, the more we absorb the energy of that thing, which allows us to align ourselves and our vibrational frequencies with our devotion. What we are training ourselves to do is to ground into that which we choose to ground into. We are training ourselves to take authority over our lives, and to choose where, when and how we direct, commit, and devote our energy.