Your life is your mirror. What do you see? The mastery question in every experience should be “what in me invited this to be?” Good, bad, it matters not the label or judgment. If it is in your matrix it’s because you invited it in. We are all co-creators in this collective experience creating with the content of our energy fields. This includes thoughts, beliefs, focus, environment, unresolved lineage and unhealed emotions. Many are challenged with this and won’t fully wake up to their mastery because of the level of responsibility it takes to own this and move through it. It is much easier to blame.
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We’ve all seen our fair share of anger, road-rage, and all out rude behaviors in recent years. Living in a time of a global pandemic where millions are dying, Russia is in a full fledge war in the Ukraine, and the polarization of political propaganda running loose like wild-fire, it’s no wonder we are seeing the uglier side of our human nature. Our anger and impatience are getting the better of us. I often see it on the freeway, people chasing each other in their car, going well beyond the speed limit, because someone cut in front of them. On our highways and streets, I’ve witnessed....
WWe often think that horrible periods and PMS are a life-long condition that there’s nothing we can do about. We’re told and taught that PCOS is an incurable condition with no real cause. That cramps are only gone with pain pills. That moodiness around our period is inescapable. 
But thank god for some modern goddesses, truth-seekers, and rebels who went out and forged the way beyond this restricted way of thinking and cracked the code on the key to true women’s health.
TIt’s amazing how often we can get in our own way without even being aware we’re doing so.  Even though we truly want to succeed, there are many reasons why we may unintentionally block our own efforts.
It is often unconscious for one’s “habitual resistance” to become an emotional polarization.  All action follows thought automatically and, if the thoughts are polarized, no positive action is possible. 
The challenge has always been to listen to the still voice from within, which gives an expanded view of our reality.  It will give meaning to what is working or a calling from the Soul level.