Energy healing has been around our world for over five thousand years. The earliest teachings were brought forth to people in ancient Greece, with the introduction of Chi-ergy. The next teaching was the laying on of the hands by Buddha and then again, a couple of centuries later by Jesus and his disciples. And now again energy healing and teachings is coming into public awareness by healing modalities as Reiki, Spiritual Healing as practiced in the UK, Therapeutic Touch, Shamanic Healing, and the Touching the Light healing as taught by Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey. Energy healers of all kinds now work in health clinics and hospitals everywhere.
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15 years ago, I was diagnosed with a debilitating disease that changed the direction of my life. I was bedridden for two years and needed help eating, using the bathroom, getting dressed, sitting up in bed, and even moving my head from side to side and up & down.
After several surgeries and years of rehabilitation including re-learning how to walk, read, and feed myself, I was blessed to receive the ability to understand and help others who suffer. This is a Divine gift and I give all credit to God. I am a conduit.
I hear these lines all the time in my counseling work and I’ve said them myself: Why do I still have this problem? I’m so tired of this! What is it going to take to fully heal this issue?
Healing* happens, from the perspective of how I teach it, when we write out a clear goal of what we wish to experience, and then map out and understand a system of energy in the form of beliefs, thoughts, feelings, sabotage patterns, traumas and coping strategies, which are working against this goal; and then consciously remove that system of energy of false beliefs all at once through conscious intention.
The average person packs an extra 12-15 Lbs. of old rotting fecal matter in their colon.  This is bad for many reasons.  That rotting mess has to go somewhere and if it’s not straight out then it will saturate the tissues of the colon wall.
As more poop build up occurs in the colon, less blood flows to the hip.  When the poop is not exiting on a regular basis your body just keeps pushing it into the tissue.  This causes the blood to get ....