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I ran out of time so, this month you are getting an article on the Feb. 27th Full Moon by
(Idaho Astrologer) Govinda Miller (https://astrologywithgovinda.com).
I’m wishing you a fabulous month of March -- Welcome Spring!!

Full Moon in Virgo - Sun in Pisces8 degrees, 57 minutes -
Saturday, February 27, 2021 0:17 am (PST)

We publish these monthly articles at the Full Moon because this is the most energetically intense time of the month. It is our intent that these articles help you to feel and understand the celestial energy cycles as they are happening and to assist you in developing a conscious, intuitive link with our Universe.
The Full Moon in Virgo is about attention to detail and being of service. This is a good time for exploring intellectual pursuits, taking care of the functional details of your life, improving your health through exercise, and doing your best to eat healthy, organic foods. Many people will get the urge to clean their house, closets, attics and garages during this time. Virgo energy tends to be shy, therefore, you may feel more self-conscious and become more inward during this Full Moon.
The Sun in Pisces is one of the two most mystical of all of the signs (the other one is Scorpio). It is a highly sensitive sign with strong and deep emotions. Pisceans cannot be understood through logic, analysis or pressure. They are often kind, sympathetic, compassionate, intuitive, spiritual, humble and sometimes self-sacrificing. However, they can also be vague, indecisive and confusing.
During this Full Moon, the Pisces energies awaken us to higher possibilities and the Virgo energies stimulate us to organize and direct our lives towards functional service and the healing of our physical and emotional realities.  Be mindful of what is happening around you, and in your life. By doing this, you will know where to put your focus of attention and how to be of service.
With this Full Moon, there is a rare Finger of God configuration – also known as a ‘Yod’ (see purple symbol). This Yod includes the Moon (in Virgo) which has two Inconjunct Aspects (150 degrees) to both Saturn (in Aquarius) and Chiron (in Aries).
The Mission of a Yod is the potentiality of the configuration.
The entire configuration of planets within the Yod is activated when your focus of attention is on the point of the Finger of God. In this Yod, the Finger of God is pointing to the Moon in Virgo. This indicates a special mission, or spiritual potential, that involves functional service and healing through understanding and nurturing the subconscious emotional wounds that may be linked to the root causes of disease. In other words, seek an understanding of the link between emotional being and disease. This process may include spiritual energy healing.
When the mission of this Yod is activated and being expressed, the other two ends of the Yod – Saturn and Chiron – are activated in support of the mission. Saturn represents structure, authority, commitments, functionality, principles and mastery; Chiron represents the wounded healer who acts with compassion and brings insights to help others to heal similar wounds that they previously healed (or are in the process of healing) for themselves.
Saturn and Chiron are in a Sextile Aspect (60-degree angle) to each other, and both form Inconjunct Aspects to the Moon (150-degree angles).
The energies of the Sextile Aspect are helpful, supportive and productive. When Saturn and Chiron work together, functional healing and emotional stability naturally happens.
These Inconjunct aspects represent experiences of being out-of-sync with the principles, functions and structures of other people, religious organizations, educational institutions, authorities, governments, and so on. The resolution of these differences and the expression of the potential of the Yod may be implemented through a willingness to make adjustments and to consciously choose to be of service to the Higher Good of all.
Along with this Full Moon there is a powerful Stellium - a Conjunction that includes, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn (all in the sign of Aquarius). A Square Aspect from Uranus (in Taurus) to this Stellium brings significant shifts and breakups of structures of our world, including governments, religious organizations, financial institutions, corporations, projects and so on.
This Stellium also brings inspired possibilities that can be directed to create blessings in our personal and collective world. Take advantage of opportunities for creating structures that will serve the higher good for Humanity, Nature and our World. Remember to share your inspirations of good will with others.
With this Full Moon we also have an Opposition Aspect between the Sun/Venus Conjunction (in Pisces) and the Moon (in Virgo) indicating possible conflicts in idealisms and spiritual points of view. There may be misunderstandings, confusions and deceptions between people, factions and organizations. Our religious and spiritual beliefs may be challenged.
Many things are uprooted and unstable now. Follow your heart and your inner knowing. Learn to be mindful and know how you truly feel - not how someone tells you to feel or what to think. Ask yourself, “Do I feel good and at peace, or do I feel uncomfortable and uneasy with what is being presented to me?” By understanding and following our true feelings and inner knowing, we will be at peace with our choices.
Life is not always easy or predictable. And to move through our experiences with grace, we recommend meditation. “Just five minutes spent with the Holy Spirit every morning will guarantee that He will be in charge of your thought forms throughout the day.” (A Course in Miracles).
In Love & Appreciation, Govinda & Janet
I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple
Publisher & Student of Life
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