Loving Through Your Differences
Building Strong Relationships From Separate Realities

Many couples start out believing they like the same things, see people the same way, and share a united take on the world. Inevitably, though, differences are found and it can be profoundly discouraging when we discover that our partners see a person, life situation, or important decision completely differently.

While this is the point at which most relationships flounder, in Loving through Your Differences: Building Strong Relationships from Separate Realities, psychologist and relationship consultant James Creighton explains that this time of disillusionment can actually be an opportunity to forge stronger and more realistic ties.

“There comes a time, even in the most harmonious relationships, when we discover that hidden beneath those qualities that initially attracted us to the other person, there are differences that set us apart. We may have fundamentally different ideas about how to raise kids, spend money, or handle relationships with friends or relatives. We may have fundamentally different reactions to physical closeness or sexuality,” writes Creighton. “When, inevitably, this leads to conflict, we come face to face with the issue at the center of almost every human relationship: how to share our lives even though we sometimes experience separate realities.”

Loving through Your Differences begins by drawing on the latest research in cognitive science and developmental psychology to show how we literally invent our realities with our perceptual minds. Creighton then offers readers clear, concrete tools for shifting their perceptions and reframing their responses. The result moves couples out of the fear and alienation of “your way or my way” and into a deep understanding of the other that allows for an “our way” to emerge. As Creighton shows - and his 50-year marriage attests - this way of being together, based on the reality of individuality rather than the illusion of sameness, sets the stage for long term excitement, discovery, and fulfillment.

“My suggestion to couples is that both of you first read the entire book and then talk over how much of it you think applies to the two of you,” writes Creighton. “The critical element is whether you both understand that you participate in creating your own emotional reality and believe that it is possible to find new ways to interpret events that accommodate both of you.”

About the Author: James L. Creighton, PhD, is the author of Loving through Your Differences and several other books. He has worked with couples and conducted communications training for nearly 50 years around the world. He lives in Kihei, Hawaii. Visit him online at http://www.james1creighton.com.

Loving Through Your Differences by James L. Creighton, PhD
•   208 pages • $15.95 • ISBN 978-1-60868-566-0
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Feed Your Soul
Nutritional Wisdom to Lose Weight Permanently and Live Fulfilled

There are countless diets, cleanses, and 30-day challenges all geared to help people lose weight, heal their digestion, and feel more energy. Yet, these temporary protocols fall short when it comes to true transformation. With all of the nutrition guidance available, why do millions of people weigh more than they want and feel anxious and depressed about it?

Nutrition expert Carly Pollack lived this vicious cycle until trial and error, and over a decade of academic study and self-healing, led her to the incredible insights she’s shared with thousands. In Feed Your Soul: Nutritional Wisdom to Lose Weight Permanently and Live Fulfilled, she presents her unique understanding of body science, brain wiring, and spiritual principles to facilitate real, long-term change.

“If we are brave and vulnerable enough to look more deeply at what truly needs to be healed, we will have success eliminating our negative behaviors at their root,” writes Carly. “It is our minds that drive the eating bus. In fact, our thoughts drive every emotion we feel, and how we feel will dictate how we act. Unless we change the original thought/story, we will recreate the same painful pattern, a nightmarish diet-induced Groundhog Day.”

Speaking the language of a fellow struggler and encouraging friend, Pollack helps readers reframe their thinking to, for example, see comfort foods as the numbing toxins they truly are and focus on long-term goals rather than immediate gratification. She foregoes the typical theory and jargon and cuts to the chase with “Skimmer’s Delight” chapter summaries and “Make It Stick” calls to action designed to help readers integrate her teachings into their lives.

“As we begin to uncover our negative thoughts and shift them, we realize that boundaries around food create body freedom, not food prison,” writes Carly. “We start eating in a way that makes us feel free on a much deeper level than ‘free to eat whatever we want.’ We begin to feel free in our bodies and our experiences. We start to find deeper meaning and joy that wasn’t available to us when we were stuck in the mental roller coaster of food and body obsession. This foundational mental shift is the only thing that can truly set us free.”

About the Author: Carly Pollack is the author of Feed Your Soul and is the founder of Nutritional Wisdom, a thriving private practice based in Austin, Texas. A Certified Clinical Nutritionist with a master’s degree in holistic nutrition, Carly has been awarded Best Nutritionist in Austin five years running and has helped over 10,000 people achieve their health and happiness goals. Visit her online at www.carlypollack.com.

Feed Your Soul by Carly Pollack
• 192 pages • $16.95 • ISBN 978-1-60868-578-3
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Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader

Blending his leadership experience running a Zen monastery kitchen, leading mindfulness trainings for Google engineers, and starting and leading the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, Marc in his new book combines the hard-earned wisdom of a compassionate mindfulness teacher with the insights of an experienced business leader.
In recent years, mindfulness has exploded in popularity, but an individual’s interest in mindfulness does not necessarily translate into them becoming a mindful leader. Understanding mindfulness can be. challenging; even more difficult is embodying and regularly practicing it in everyday life. Of course, ancient contemplative practices weren’t developed in order to improve business. They are meant to shift our consciousness and way of being in the world. Yet these practices are essential to mindful leadership and to creating the type of supportive organizational culture that allows business and people to thrive.
Grounded in the depth and simplicity of his experience of leading a Zen monastery kitchen, Marc Lesser unpacks the richness of these practices and makes them accessible to our daily life. The practices are:
Love the work - acknowledge and cultivate aspiration.
Do the work - have a regular meditation and mindfulness practice.
Don’t be an expert - Let go of thinking you are right. Be vulnerable.
Connect to your pain - We all goof. Transform pain into learning and opportunity.
Connect to the pain of others - Don’t avoid the pain of others. We’re all connected.
Depend on others - Let go of that false sense of independence. Again, we’re all connected.
Keep making it simpler - Stay focused on what’s essential.
Each of the seven practice chapters include success stories from the trenches, as well as exercises, experiments, and activities to help readers understand and realize the practices in their lives. Lesser will also address such things as....
• I don’t love my work and I feel stuck. What practice is going to help me with this?
• There is a lack of trust in my workplace. What might I do?
• What is the essence of mindful leadership and how will it help me to manage change and the stress and pressures of my daily work?
• I’m unable to turn off my work when I get home. It’s wrecking my family life. What do you suggest? ,
• I want to have a meditation practice but don’t have time. What do you suggest?
About the Author: Marc Lesser is a CEO, Zen teacher, author, and leads trainings and talks worldwide. He has led mindfulness and emotional intelligence programs at many of the world’s leading businesses and organizations. He is currently CEO of ZBA Associates, a company providing mindfulness-based leadership trainings and creating community by supporting ongoing groups. Previously, he served as CEO and co-founder of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, whose core programs he helped develop within Google. Marc is the author of Less: Accomplishing More By Doing Less and Know Yourself, Forget Yourself. More info. at MarcLesser.net.
Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader by Marc Lesser
• 224 pages • $16.95 • ISBN 978-1- 60868-519-6
 Book Release from New World Library

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