2023 Featured Cover Articles
May 2023 Featured Articles
Who We Were vs. Who We Became by Morrighan Lynne
Aren’t humans funny sometimes? We pride ourselves on being self-sufficient, strong, and capable of doing things by ourselves. People look at us like with those weepy doe eyes, begging us to step in and rescue them. Society lifts us up in praise because we’re the rock that most people lean on for help. We’re always there any time someone needs a hand and we have the propensity to put ourselves last and everyone else first.
In fact, the majority of us are programmed to believe that this trait is something to be celebrated. It’s something we strive for, whether we’re....
Mercury Retrograde Revelations by Geri Habstritt
Welcome to the first mercury retrograde of this new 50,000 year cycle. Typically retrogrades are about redoing, relooking, releasing and reeking havoc on electronic communications. This retrograde comes with a twist. It’s about revelations and unification. The universe is nudging us evermore to remember the TRUTH of who we are. A green comet flew across the sky offering that first glimpse and energy of revelation in January. Did you take the opportunity to collect your mosaic pieces so you can begin putting the puzzle of your life together? This retrograde is amplifying....
Seven Reasons to Seek Clarity Now by Julie Matheson
There have been times I’ve sat with clients who couldn’t name their thoughts, feelings and opinions about something in their life, even when the topic was very important to them. The reasons for this vary widely and may include having felt shut down by others, or challenged for one’s opinion, frozen emotions, lack of practice naming thoughts and feelings, to name a few.
The truth will set you free: in my line of work, the objective is to clear out limiting thoughts and beliefs to make way for more life-affirming (and functional) thoughts and beliefs to take hold. (We do this through a writing process I teach.) Therefore, being able to.... 
Advancing Your Energy through Crystals by Badeish Lange
In the aftermath of extreme physical or emotional exertion, the effects of fatigue are sure to follow. Periods of tiredness can last a few hours or much longer in extreme cases.
In today’s wearisome times with stress bombarding us from all sides, work (or lack thereof), family, children, physical illness, and finances, it may all seem overwhelming. Under extreme stress, our bodies and minds can shut down.
Fortunately, the battle over fatigue can be overcome. There are a number of crystals that can assist and give you that much-needed boost of energy.
Generally speaking, when faced with fatigue....
April 2023 Featured Articles
Saying Yes to Scary Things by Morrighan Lynne
I love my comfort zone. I can always count on it. It’s quiet there, soft and still. A place where I can lay my head, gather my thoughts, and catch my breath after a long day. It can be a soft buffer between my tender heart and a noisy world. Often when I’m there, I find connection with my higher self and have delightful conversations with my guides. I’m able to review my experiences and receive nutrition from the choices I made, whether they went well or not. Gathering up clues about how I did when I was in “the game” so I could improve and evolve. It’s a perfect escape....
Your Body Was Created to Heal by Coquille (Coco) Wilson
What would you do if you could have optimal health? Go where you want to go, see what and whom you wanted to see, do what you want to do with no limits? Aging is not only a frame of mind, but a state of the body based on its toxic load. What if I told you that there was a non-invasive, all-natural way to determine when an area of your body is out of balance and/or under stress is screaming to be fixed? Well, it’s true! No medicine or life sentences.
My name is Coco and am a practitioner in the functional health field as a Board-certified Nutrition Response Testing practitioner. “What’s that,”....
The Power of Honoring Deep Authenticity by Marti Denton
April opens in our northern hemisphere with an inherent feeling of renewed life, transformation, growth - a reflection of Aries’ bright, fiery signature of fearless expansion and initiation. As the lengthening minutes of daylight and our sun’s radiance inch forward and higher, stretching past that recent 12-hour threshold of the Spring Equinox - followed by the Aries New Moon - we’re surrounded with expanding light and awakened life energy. This subtle infusion may be activating or guiding you to expand in new directions - into new “colors” and dimensions of who you are, new levels....
March 2023 Featured Articles
Reversing Inflammation by David DeHaas
Every dis-ease is essentially an inflammation issue.
Toxins Create Inflammation.
Getting rid of toxins is job one.
Your problem is you have been pooping in your pelvis.
Picture a screen and on top of that screen is poop. Its been sitting rotting for several years and it squishes through that screen into the tissues of your body. Your colon is the screen. In the tissues of your colon and intestinal tract is millions of capillaries....
Discernment - It’s a Spiritual Thing by Julie Matheson
By the nature of my work, I am honored to get to have meaningful, real life conversations every week with my clients. In sessions, we endeavor to untangle, understand, and to clear out genuinely complex misunderstandings. To be successful in this work I need to keep the focus on the client, their perspective, their thinking, and their beliefs about the situation at hand. However, there are times when we do need to consider the motivations that others bring to their relationship dynamics.
On these occasions, I often hear loving, spiritually-minded people start their sentences with....
3 Tips to Massively Reduce Overwhelm by Sydney Sage
Highly driven people struggle with the same core things…
It was not too long ago that I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with my life & career.
I’d often work late, trying to get things done. I’d hole myself up in my home trying to put out fires and market myself, not knowing exactly what I should even be doing for my business. I felt out of touch with myself and like I didn’t have full control of my life. Which was blocking my success.
I often wondered “What’s the point of success if I’m too busy and stressed out to even enjoy it?”....
Using Spring as a Springboard with Expressive Arts by Janelle Wilson
For many, winter can be challenging as we are forced to slow down and spend more quiet time in the dark. I certainly feel more isolated and tend to be noticeably absent from public engagements in the colder months. Each morning since the winter solstice, I look at the weather report and excitedly note that the time of sunset inches forward by one minute every few days. I am ready to use spring as an opportunity to rejoin community events and remember my creative spark and I hope you will join me in this pursuit. As the flowers blossom and the sun shines, it’s an ideal moment to take a step forward on life’s journey. This season of transformation urges us....
February 2023 Featured Articles
Ego Good-Bad? by Charles Lightwalker
I have studied mind-body-spirit for over 40 years now. And have concluded that the Ego does not cause a person emotional, mental, or spiritual issues.
Your ego allows you to feel your divine nature, the greatness of your being. It allows you to feel fantastic about yourself when you do things well. When you feel the “spirit” within you, when you feel fantastic about yourself, you create your life moving in the direction of love, happiness, and goodness. Which makes the ego a valuable aspect of being a human being. The source of all there is, Spirit, infused ego into us during our creation.
What’s Behind the Mask? by Morrighan Lynne
I dedicated 2022 to dismantling my inner people pleaser. Now let me preface with saying that being a people pleaser is not inherently a bad thing. It isn’t something we should hate about ourselves or secretly be ashamed of. And I am certainly not suggesting it’s a character “flaw” that one should try to remove and cut out of themselves. No way. We are who we are. Every person is a bundle of quirks, behaviors, coping mechanisms, and personality traits that make us unique.
It is however our responsibility to recognize if our tendencies to please and appease come at a cost to our own well-being. If we are doing for others and giving in such a way where we are continuously left empty....
How to Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed by Badeish Lange
There can be many different approaches to overcome unwanted challenging feelings. It is my intention to share with you what you can do to take your power back and create an energetic clearing for your body, mind & spirit.
When you experience moments where you can’t keep up, when everything is going sideways and you just can’t seem to get it together----this is the invitation to stop and breathe.
Last December’s cosmic energies of upset nationally and internationally are still swirling and gusting around us but these gusting mysterious winds can also have a clearing out effect, where more truths and new realities are surfacing!
Green Comet, Mars and End Time Triggers by Geri Habstritt
Happy New Year!  February 1 is actually when the New Year begins this year.  January was a time out of time.  2023 is a 13 month cycle this time around as opposed to 12.  We went through that huge retrograde that hit hard during the pre phase right before Christmas that revealed to us the S.T.O.R.M energy of 2023 as literal storms stopped many from their Christmas plans.  It was meant to shake out any of the remaining energies that didn’t serve our highest expression as we entered a profound RESET in January.  The reset offered us the opportunity to change programming, belief systems and patterns....
January 2023 Featured Articles
Isn't it so crazy that we sometimes need permission to love what we love and to want what we want? What we each uniquely love is what makes us who we are and is often a sign of our unique inner radiance and authenticity showing through.
It can feel lonely being the only one who has a certain goal or vision especially when it is the path less taken. If a desire taps you on the shoulder again and again, you may be the only one with that vision. That's by design: the clarity is given directly to you to run with. It doesn?t matter if others don?t see it....
Trusting (Yourself) Again by Morrighan Lynne
So often, when I speak with clients about their loss of trust, their attention goes outward. They recall times of betrayal, moments of rejection, and a myriad of memories that justify their choice to build a wall around their heart. They share very valid stories of heartbreak and how carrying around those wounds have lead them to a place where they have to question if people can be trusted. They crave the connection, but fear what it might do to them. And so, they move about through life, half invested but always leery.
And that's how we do it, right? We get our hearts broken and look to the person that's holding the sledgehammer. We look at them and say....
Rising Consciousness of 2023 by Geri Habstritt
2023 is going to be the STORM of consciousness. This past year we've had an entire year of consciousness uplevels that have been ushered in with each new moon, full moon, equinox and eclipse. You may have noticed an intensity around these times. This was Gaia herself supporting the upliftment of humanity offering gateways to higher consciousness. When these intense energies come in they flush out what doesn?t serve. For those who are conscious it's a moment of cleansing, hand to heart, deep breathing and conscious energy movement. For those who are unconscious it?s digging in heels, projecting and outrage. Both are happening simultaneously....