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Ramblings from the Publisher...

Your Truth Is Your Truth...
It's Time To Own It!

 I don't know where this article is actually coming from since I, personally, don't actually own my own truths in a lot of my life. But here goes...

We so often will bend our truths, our beliefs, to fit into different situations. This is not to say we shouldn't be flexible, it's to say that we shouldn't just let go of ourselves because it is not convenient. Sometimes I think ~ It's just easier to do it their way than explain to them my perspective on the matter, or It's their house...it's their rules. or Maybe they know better than me, or ????

And sometimes we don't like our own truths either. I can be stubborn and strong willed - I don't really like this part of me but it is my truth ~ and I know I have several parts of me that are not "pretty" yet I know they are part of who I am.

So... How do we find the balance to live in the "real world" and still own our truth?

How do we learn to love the parts of ourselves that are not so "pretty"?

How, when we do right for ourselves, do we not hurt others?

I don't like the idea that I might hurt others. I conjure up in my mind something like ~ If I say what I really feel, it will hurt their feelings or they might misunderstand what I say and be mad at me ~ but who am I to think I know, or have any control over, how they will react to my truth. Is this not limiting them as well as myself?

If I hold to my little corner of the world and just take care of myself I think I do a pretty good job of owning my truth. However, when I am interacting with more than a few others, I can easily start losing myself.

I often wonder ~ Is life really supposed to be this difficult? Then I look at the events that have shaped who I am and I realize that every single person on this planet have a different set of events that have made them who they are as well. I tell you what, that is a whole lot of different experiences that filter through our lives. Something that molded my great grandparent, most likely unconsciously, filtered down to affect my grandmother/father, then filtered down to affect my mother/father, which then filtered down to affect me. And most likely, unconsciously, I've filtered it down to affect my daughters and grandchildren. What a HUGE tangled emotional web of events have created or affected each and every one of us. No wonder we sometimes feel so screwed up.... we are.

It's one thing to deal with everything that happens to us personally in just this lifetime and can you imagine when we take on all the stuff that has come before us...OMG! that is a lot.

When I am aligned, I am strong in my truth. And other times I am challenged at every turn. Does everybody go back and forth? Does everybody question themselves and is that how we learn to evolve?

When you look at all the people in your life through this tangled web of events you start to realize that you really have no idea why your relatives, neighbors, friends, co-workers/boss, spouse or anyone else are the way they are. Here's a silver lining to this article... Seeing the world this way gives us the option to not judge anyone ever again.

This article feels like I am just thinking out loud. I'm not sure it followed a string of thought that makes much sense. However, this is what you are getting this month - a bit of my tangled web of stuff. If it hasn't struck a chord with you just let it go and move on. But if it has stirred something in you than let this article be a little push for you to explore your truths and learn to start owning them!

May 2018 be a wonderful year for us all!

I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple

Publisher & Student of Life

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