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May opens as the annual retrograde slowdown is getting underway, with three slower moving planets--Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn--all shifting gears for the coming four to five months.

This overall change of pace affects readers with Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius sun or rising signs more than others, though we’ll all likely feel the retrogrades in some way.

Progress may be slower in many areas of life, but opportunities for do-overs, re-examination, healing, and renewed commitment to long term goals will greet us as we navigate the coming months.

Travel and communication may be fraught with delays, obstacles or upheaval during the opening days of May as Mercury navigates a minefield of challenges just before leaving Pisces.

Mercury moves into Aries on May 3rd for a two week spin through the fire sign, enlivening both conversation and the pace of travel and commerce as he rushes through.

Warrior planet Mars rules the May 4th new moon in Aries, but he’s still plodding slowly through Taurus, urging us to explore our senses in new ways. Use the energy of this new moon to discover new things to appreciate and to incorporate greater enjoyment and pleasure into your life.

When Mars enters Gemini on the 8th of May he brings a surge of energy and activity with him which we won’t feel again in this part of the chart for another two years. This surge of energy lasts just over six weeks, so use that time to build as much momentum as you can. The house Gemini occupies in your natal chart holds the clues to how you can best use Mars’ time here.

Mars in restless Gemini can make us more fidgety and anxious, so plan ways to channel the energy into physical activity or make sure your hands have something to do to keep them busy.

When Venus leaves Pisces for Aries on the 11th she leaves her sign of exaltation for her sign of detriment. This 180-degree turnaround in expression can mean where we were once willing to sacrifice our own desires for the greater good, now our own selfish needs and wants are demanding to take precedence. We want what we want and we’re more inclined to do what’s necessary to get it, regardless of anyone else’s preferences.

The sun moves into Taurus May 15th, beginning his annual tour through the sign of the bull. Our need for security takes precedence during the sun’s stay here, and we may hesitate to venture outside established comfort zones.

The full moon May 18th carries the potential to transform our understanding of events or circumstances in the area of life represented by Scorpio in the natal chart. Power dynamics may be undergoing change in such a way that the flow of communication changes, too. Meetings or discussions could bear unexpected fruit.

Later the same day Mercury moves into Taurus, taking a two week long spin through the sign of the bull. If discussions derail or negotiations stall, slow down--you can make more progress in a few weeks, when Mercury moves out of stubborn Taurus and into his own, more flexible sign of Gemini.

The 21st is an important day, when the Sun and Mercury meet up in earthy Taurus. Readers with Gemini or Virgo sun or rising sign may want to take note, as they could find themselves in the spotlight in some way. In fact, if you need to make an impression, use this day to do it.

More generally, we can find ourselves caught up in a narrative about personal possessions, attached to the stories we’ve woven around our belongings and around our own sense of self worth.

The final days of May take on a dreamy, nostalgic atmosphere as Venus, Neptune and retrograde Saturn play with our collective sense of time and recollection. We’re much more likely to attach ourselves to personal narratives about past events and may react poorly if that narrative is challenged by facts or reality.

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Apr. 15 - May 15: Aries - Watch for an opportunity to come your way in the days near the May 4th new moon in your birth sign, dear Aries. If you’re presented with the chance to step into a new or unusual role it would likely transform your understanding of the world in some way. You can use the Scorpio full moon later in the month to fulfill a financial obligation. 8th House full moons can accompany a healing crisis of psychological nature, too.

May 15 - June 16: Taurus - You may be uncharacteristically active near the new moon, Taurus, though any activity is likely to be centered around private matters or provide a hidden benefit of some kind. Dealings with institutions of seclusion are one possibility. You and a partner may be wrapping up the details of joint financial dealings when the full moon in Scorpio arrives May 18th.

June 16 - July 17: Gemini - The new moon May 4th could find you needing to balance solo projects with your workload at the office, You may be able to get more done working independently, but if you work with a partner they may not understand your need to withdraw. The full moon May 18th is likely to find you busy with workaday matters, especially those involving an important partnership or joint project.
July 17 - Aug. 18: Cancer - A social activity could bring a professional opportunity your way near the new moon May 4th, dear Cancer. Watch within +/- three days, or make your own opportunity by being out and about socially near that date. Connect with colleagues and discover new ways to collaborate. Then at the full moon, put the finishing touches on a creative project you’ve been working on or invest some quality time with a child or romantic partner in your life.

  Aug. 18 - Sept. 18: Leo - Activity in your career sector could lead to an opportunity for travel, learning, expanding your understanding of a new idea, or even to explore a new culture. If any of those appeal, keep your antennae up in the days around the new moon. The May 18th full moon may finally bring a home or property related matter to its conclusion. Alternatively, if you’ve been dealing with matters involving a parent, those matters may be winding to a close at this time.
Sept. 18 - Oct. 18: Virgo - The new moon highlights your solar 8th House of other people’s money, bringing an opportunity for tapping into foreign investment, or perhaps simply to learn a new subject or develop greater insight into human nature through travels to distant places and experiencing cultures far different from your own, even if only through books or documentaries. What you discover can point you to untapped resources. Then, take a short trip or a class of some kind near the full moon, especially if it’s for your career
Oct. 18 -Nov. 17th: Libra - Partnership opportunities are the theme of May’s new moon in Aries, watch for them to come from the direction of your 8th House. Financial activities, research, and dealings with shared resources could spur new cooperative efforts or joint projects over the coming six months. If you followed the advice here six months ago and took steps to increase your income at the last new moon in Scorpio, you could be seeing the payoff near the full moon. Alternatively, an expense could come up, but if so you ought to be able to secure the funds you need.
Nov. 17 - Dec. 17: Scorpio - Your interactions with partners or your work on a joint project could bring an employment opportunity your way near the May 4th new moon, dear Scorpio. If that’s the case, this would be a lateral move rather than a step up. Otherwise, you could experience this new moon through an addition to your daily routine or household, or through your health. Then, at the full moon, finish up an important personal project.
Dec. 17th - Jan. 15: Sagittarius - If you’re looking for romance in May cast your eye toward the office near the new moon, you never know what--or who--might turn up. Or, make room in your schedule for some creative time and invest yourself in your masterpiece. In six months the results could surprise you. A solo project you’ve been working on may be entering its final stages at the May 18th full moon, so use the ten days following for any finishing touches.

Jan. 15th - Feb. 13: Capricorn - The May 4th new moon presents an opportunity to begin an ambitious new home improvement project, dear Capricorn. You can use this time to change or upgrade your residence in some way, even by relocating. Or, a parent may come to the forefront of your life. If you took steps towards a hope or dream of yours at the last new moon in your 11th House six months ago, you may just be seeing that dream come to life near the May 18th full moon. Spend time catching up with friends before the month is over.
Feb. 13 - Mar. 15: Aquarius - A travel opportunity could come your way at the May new moon, or even a chance to get together and visit with siblings or neighbors. You feel mentally stimulated and if you’re a writer or communicator of some type use this new moon to begin a new project. The May 18th full moon lights up your career sector, so put your best professional face forward. You could be recognized for an accomplishment.
Mar. 15 - Apr.14: Pisces - An income opportunity could come your way in early May, dear Pisces, but if not you can still leverage this new moon to boost your income in other ways. Starting a side hustle or finding ways to monetize a hobby are a few alternatives, or, you could have an expense come up near this time. Your international sector shines at the full moon, so find a way to explore distant lands and cultures and new ideas.